Spring Clean up

Spring Clean-up services

Spring season is when we clean up your property, whether it is residential or commercial, from the winter season and prepare it for the Summer season.

Spring Clean up services often include blowing, removing leafs, and other debris.  Our crews will rake the lawn free of sticks and tree branches, and edge mulch and flowerbeds.  If needed, we will cut back perennials and flowers, and trim bushes and trees.

Residential Yard & Lawn Clean-Up Services for Mendocino County. Spring clean-up services for Mendocino County. Fort Bragg, CA Spring clean-up services | Alex's Gardening Services

 A full spring cleanup will leave your yard ready for all of your outdoor spring and fall activities.  Like all our services, we can customize for your exact needs.  If you’ve already done some of the work but have found you can’t finish for some reason, we can come in and do the rest.

While we are there we can always plant any bushes, trees, or flowers that you would like installed as well.